Welcome to Lock-Master Arts!

I’m Lock-Master and I create unique high quality, NSFW 3D-BDSM fetish images (primarily strong, unique metal bondage combined with latex). I also produce digital interactive animations which are a bonus part of my various fictional stories about an evil company named Lock-Master Corporation. The companies main portfolio is manufacturing BDSM toys – which aren’t actually toys but rather extremely reliable high-tec security bondage devices. In the stories, Lock-Master provides extreme and cruel services for the rich, including kidnapping and locking-up women securely and permanently. Each story usually contain 20-180 pictures and I regularly put out content weekly to monthly.

♦ Originality

The average 3D content creator usually only use DAZ3D Studio. DAZ3D is limited in contents and graphics quality. I wanted to create content that exceeds the average content out there, which gives my work an advanced blend resulting in what my fans consider to be, higher than average content. On top of using DAZ3D, I go the extra mile to create scenes by also using 3D Studio MAX. This combination provides infinite possibilities for creating new contents; including tools, devices, characters, environments and much much more.


♦ Quality animations

High quality fetish animations in more views, flash games and 3D Viewers. I also planning the development of a realtime 3D game in the near future.

♦ What will you find on this page?

2K-4K even 8K ultra-high resolution versions. Higher quality resolution updates are done weekly after release of Full-HD, (usually released on weekends). There are already over 2100 pictures in insanely high quality available on the page already!